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Aloha friends.

This Month I will be in the studio with my full band, ‘Seeds of Love’, recording our next album “Everlasting Light”. I have put together a campaign on Indiegogo to raise money to help fund the production of this next album. Indiegogo is a reciprocal crowd funding website. When you make a donation, you receive a gift in return. The gifts range from a digital download of the new album, all the way up to a full band concert at your own home. I am so excited to share this next album with all of you! Mahalo for your support in this musical journey!

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This is Life Here Sun, 02 Sep 2012 10:26:22 +0000 Continue reading]]> Yes friends, the journey continues.  I’m feeling very blessed after a visit to Florida.  My sweet honey lover is from St. Augustine, the oldest town in our nation, one that is rich in community and love. I met her extended family and friends and was welcomed with open arms to experience a piece of east coast paradise.  This was my first time touching, tasting, floating, surfing in the Atlantic ocean.  For some reason, I always had a stormy, gray image of the oceans on the east coast.  In some of the areas I went in Florida, I felt like I was back in Hawaii, with the same beautiful water, white sand beaches, just no epic mountain backdrop. I shared my music with the St. Augustine community at farmers markets, Present Moment Cafe (a local raw food restaurant) and Cellar 6 (a local wine bar).  It really felt great to share some Hawaiian mana and bring some good vibes to the east coast. They loved it up and shared their kine aloha spirit as well. Once again, I find ohana where ever I go.

Me and my lover in a tree!

St. Augustine's Lincolnville Farmers Market jammin with my friends, Anna and Kelly.

Canoeing in crystal blue, spring fed Silver River. Ocala, FL

Me and the beautiful ladies of St. Augustine, FL

Now I’m back in the Hawaiian Aina and feeling so grateful.  I got right into the garden and installed a much needed irrigation system, which will keep our beautiful garden producing more and more goodness. I’ll have an extra hour every day now, that I spent hand watering to do whatever I want. I know what to do.  I will keep playing and sharing my music with everyone. I’m excited to start taking guitar lessons and continue learning so that I may help channel my overflowing creative side with more musical theory and guitar technique.  Who knows what’s gonna come out?  I don’t question it.  I just let it flow.

Homegrown bananas!

I have a steady gig in Kailua now at Bowles Burritos, every other Wednesday from 7:15-9pm.  I love supporting the Ma and Pa kine shops, because that’s how I grew up. I spent my childhood making sandwiches and eating sandwiches at my second home Gee A Deli in Kailua.  I ate so many of those sandwiches, I can still close my eyes and my mouth starts salivating as I can taste the flavors of all those sandwich combinations. Mmmmm.  Now I’m a vegan and eat a different type of awesomeness!

In this video, Jamie Steiner shows the vibe and flavor that you can find at Bowels Burritos.

‘This is Life here’ Jammin at Bowels Burritos every other Wednesday.

I am happy to share that after many band names being used for backing my solo music, we will be called Seeds of Love, inspired by my latest album.  I think this is a good way to remind everyone that we are all seeds of love planted in the garden of life.  When we play our music with heart and soul, the love will grow. The first show of Paul Izak and Seeds of Love will be September 28th, in Kailua district park.  This is a free event called Kailua Full Moon Concerts.  I am so stoked for these summer events.  I’d like to send a big mahalo to John Stallings for all of his hard work in bringing these free music gatherings to the community. Yogarden will have a booth there, giving out plants for donation. The money raised will go to support my next album, ‘Everlasting Light’, expected to be released in late Fall 2012.

There is so much to be excited about in these times. We must remember to stay positive.  Even if these times feel tough and we feel the dramas of politics, economics, money, or whatever, take some time to check in with yourself.  Your true self is the one that is unaffected by any of life’s dramas and material confusion.  Every little thing is gonna be alright.  Breath and remember you are all the love you are looking for.

Love and aloha my friends,


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Mahalo ke akua: Blessed to live in Hawaii Fri, 23 Mar 2012 09:08:35 +0000 Continue reading]]> Aloha to my Hawaiian Ohana, and Mahalo to my Mainland ohana!

I have returned to the beloved ‘aina’ I call my home; Give thanks Hawaii. There is something so special to be said for leaving the hawaiian Islands and then returning………your appreciation for this lush green and blue tropical paradise grows stronger.  I flew in feeling the warmth of the islands, lilterally pealing off the layers as i started sweating under all the clothing, but more intimately I found a rich warmth in my heart. I can only try to describe how connected I feel to hawaii.   Upon landing I was taken to a place of my childhood, that simple, care free feeling of just being stoked on life. I remembered all these times of playing in the ocean, hiking through the forest (so grateful we do NOT have Poison Oak here), thoughts of ‘May Day’ and the beautiful Hawaiian hula we learned as children with the abundance of fragrant flowers we were drapped with!  I then began thinking of the old hawaii, ahupua’a kine, from the Mountain to the Ocean. Before all the choas, of planes, cars, buildings, technology…… Monsanto!  The simple ‘aina’ life was all that was known.  I appreciate knowing it doesn’t have to be complicated.  There is an endless flow of rich ‘mana’ that we all have the ability to connect with, no matter race, color, or religion. It doesn’t even matter where we are, the land will provide. Its about learning how to establish a connection, a deeper understanding of the natural movement of your surroundings and becoming part of that. Often our new age ways take us in the opposite direction.  Take time to understand and contemplate your surroundings and you’ll find your richer than you might think. This is how I feel coming back to Hawaii, a rich king with pennies in my pocket and a vision of endless potential.  Hawaii can be such a stepping stone example of sustainable living just as it was in the days of old Hawaii.  When we look back, we can see the example was already set.  Take me back to da kine! Upon my return I am filled with love for this land! I will spend my days here setting a positive example of getting back to the aloha aina roots, and I’ll use my gift of song to share growth and wisdom with the World.

Observing and soaking up the beauty of the Northwest.

I came back to my house in Kaneohe to hear about hail and tornados.  I found my plants battered by the weather.  Wow……mama nature never ceases to amaze me.  In Oregon, we saw rain, hail, snow, and sunshine all in the same day, while driving.   It’s always a guessing game with the natural flow of nature .  As we watch, we must bow down to whatever we are blessed with and give thanks for what we are witnessing.  It’s beautiful to see the natural flow with no interuption.  The weather definitely keeps it interesting. You can never be bored or tired of nature, for there’s far too much going on.  We can learn so much when we pay attention and appreciate natures flow. Observing this natural flow is helping me to become more aware of my internal weather patterns.  We are humans with feelings and emotions.  Don’t hide them!  Let them out, like the pure release of a torential down pour or the serenity of a sunrise over glassy water. Finding peace through any type of weather is often our greatest challenge. I am present, Breathe and I am bathed in my ability to feel. How blessed we are to have the opportunity for freedom of expression! Express Yourself!

Kelly and I at Multnomah Falls. This was a beautiful part of our Oregon Trail travel.

I am grateful to have had the opportunity to have expressed myself on the west coast. Kelly and I drove 2600 miles in about a months time.  We were hippies undercover driving a deluxe 2004 dodge mini-van.  Our volkswagon Vanagon connection fell through, so we found a place in San Fran, (thanks to my mama), that rents awesome vans for affordable prices with custom beds and storage space built in. If your going to be roadtripping in the northwest I highly recommend checking out the company Lost Campers, our Ozzy friend Nick will take good care of you!

Jammin at Steamers Lane, Santa Cruz, with some good bredrens from the local band Ancestree.

During this time I played about 4 solo shows and about 20 open mics. I saw so much raw talent and so many types of music………music truly is the universal language. No matter where I was I could communicate through my music.  I’d walk in a place not knowing anyone. When I share my heart through song, I instantly have a community of friends. Music is vibration.  When we’re all vibrating on a a similar wave length, it is so much easier to communicate. I feel that a good musician sets the vibe so that everyone in the room feels like family! I am So Grateful for Creative Expression.

We stayed with old friends, new friends, and made the best of every oportunity to explore the beautiful coast line of northern California and Oregon.  If you have yet to see the Redwood forests, especially the old growth on what they call the ‘Avenue of the Giants’, I highly suggest treating your senses to such a beautiful experience. 1000 year old trees…….ancient wisdom standing before your eyes. Some trees you can actually stand inside, its amazing!

I'm in a tree!

SO much to be said for traveling; always new things to see and people who become life long friends, wisdom around every corner. Light and darkeness…. it’s an untold mystery…….that’s why its so much FUN!!. Things always fall into place and it becomes apparent that we are truly manifestors of our own destiny. This action led me to this place where I met this person who led me here………..and the journey keeps flowing, just like that.

Every time I leave the Islands I am reminded of an important componant in our lives…………….Balance. We are lives in the balance. Upon returning, I am looking to find a balance between being a “roots mon”(a man of the land who consciously works on the inner-self and spiritual growth) and a ‘Tech mon’ (a man using and looking after all my high tech gadgets that get me from here to there and provide instant connection with the outside world).  Remember to stay in touch with the ‘roots mon’ side because the ‘tech mon’ side is becoming easier and easier and that much more distracting………..BALANCE…………. and with that being said I am going to close my high tech gadget and find some stillness before sleepy time, much love and light to all of you. Feeling blessed to have this website to share my adventures. Also I got some new songs out of this trip so stay tuned.

Aloha, Paul

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Aloha Portland! Sat, 25 Feb 2012 03:12:09 +0000 I’m coming to Portland, Oregon on Feb. 28th.  I’ll be checking out a few open mics throughout the week.  I will be playing at the Bula Kava House March 3rd. Much Love!

Welcome! Sun, 19 Feb 2012 00:54:03 +0000 Continue reading]]>

Aloha my friends and welcome to the new website! Proud to finally have a hub for my music and fans. Please take some time to look around check out some vides, pictures, and listen to some music. Kelly and I are currently on a small tour from San Francisco to Portland. Check back for updates on shows and more. And please follow me on Facebook.


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